All-in-one (3 in 1 ) Cutting Machine


Automatic All-in-one (3 in 1) Shaped Glass Cutting Machine


Equipment introduction

Eagle integrates the functionalities of automatic sheet loading, shaped glass cutting, and air floated breaking in this single machine. It has the advantages of fully automatic operation, easy-to-use, low investment and area occupation, which enable high working efficiency, low cost and low safety risks. It is the best choice for small and medium glass processing plants.


This machine is installed with the software system by Optima Inc.,Italy. The intelligent layout optimization package significantly increases the glass utilization rate and therefore reduce the cost. World leading brands electrical and mechanical components are adopted to guarantee the cutting accuracy and reliability.


Equipment Composition:

Single-flip-one-station sheet loader, CNC shaped glass cutting table and air-floated breaking table.


Equipment Features:

Long-term cutting accuracy is guaranteed with precises rack, pinion and servos; Compact overall size; Safe and easy to use; Minimized labor cost.


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