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In the principle of Customer-centric and Quality-first, Eagle Machine established a set of scientific service system and excellent service team. We are always on the way of improving customersí» satisfactory and enhancing company competitiveness with faster speed, better skills and more considerate service.

Our service mainly includes:

 On-site technical service, Equipment installationúŽcommissioning, Pre-sales and after-sales training, Spare-parts support, Technical transformation project support, etc.



1. Provide technical consulting based on users' requirements and practical stage, recommend the most suitable model, layout and make technical project for users' reference.

2. On-site installation, commissioning, training and acceptance of the equipment, make the best parameters and qualified products.

3. Lifetime service of the equipment.

4. Take charge or assist the technical transformation and upgrade of the equipment in order to keep the best operating state according to usersí» requirements.



1. 12-month warranty.

2. Engineers available to overseas.

3. Provide the technical guide including manual of the equipment, technical parameter, common fault and solutions, maintenance advice, etc.

4. Perform theory and practical training to operators and help training qualified workers to ensure their independent operation.

5. Quick response, answer and solve the problems that occur during the production and maintenance.

6. Lifetime service of the equipment and supply of the spare parts. Maintenance for free during warranty except man-made damage and consumables.


 We hope the equipment will always in a good and controlled state through our after-service so that the equipment can run efficiently and create the best economic benefits for the users.


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